JAMCEMs Training Services are focused on giving the recipients of the training the necessary skills and knowledge to improve the performance of their plant.

The profitability of a cement plant is to a degree dictated by the equipment that is selected, the raw materials, fuel type etc., which in turn drive the cost of production of the plant. However, the personnel who operate and maintain the equipment are the most important factor in ensuring that the plant is profitable – whether this is ensuring that the plant is reliable and that repairs are of good quality, that the throughput is maximised when required and that energy consumption is minimised and that quality variations throughout the process and in the final product are minimised.

Training can come in a number of different forms and is often dictated by the role of the recipient within the organisation. JAMCEM provides training for every level of personnel within the cement manufacturing hierarchy, whether Plant Operator, an Engineer, a Plant Manager or an Executive. What is important is to provide the right information and skills so that they can excel in their job.

JAMCEM offers a number of different training options - from classroom format, hands-on plant training, workplace training, coaching and mentoring and a number of different combinations of these formats. JAMCEM understands that the information must be relevant to the particular role of the participant and plant as well as the participant receiving training that can actually be implemented in the working environment. 

JAMCEM acknowledges that the training needs to be specific to the plant, the local culture and the market in which the plant is operating and will always work with the Client training sponsor to define the objectives and expected outputs from the training course, which is always specifically designed for the plant in question.