Whether designing a new cement works or upgrading an existing plant, JAMCEM provides the essential conceptual design to the cement industry based on the vast global experience of the resources within the team.

Starting with the evaluation of raw materials and raw mix design, JAMCEM ensures that the customer makes all of the necessary chemical and physical tests to avoid a poorly designed and difficult to operate cement plant. This testing then flows into the plant design phase where JAMCEM produces the conceptual design for the plant including equipment sizing, optimal storage at the intermediate stages of the process taking into account seasonality of sales and climatic conditions of the plant and the optimum plant design in terms of fuel and power consumption.

JAMCEM will also participate in the review of the equipment suppliers offers, through a parallel design exercise which compares the expected equipment specification from the JAMCEM design process with that of the equipment suppliers. This process ensures that final equipment selected is sufficiently sized and the customer pays the correct price for supply of the equipment.

As a final step, JAMCEM will ensure that the correct performance guarantees are included in the contract and can supervise the guarantee tests to ensure full compliance with the performance test protocols.