JAMCEM provides the cement manufacturer with the full range of quality assessment and quality improvement services. Eliminating poor quality and variability early within the process results in a more stable operating process and improved final product quality and consistency.

JAMCEM Quality Service reviews start with the quarry and quarry operations and follow the process flow through pre-blending, raw milling, blending, pyro-processing and cement milling. The performance of each process stage is evaluated not only against JAMCEM quality and process targets but also takes into account the types of materials used and the desired final product quality required. The quality audit also takes into consideration the impact upon the process in areas such as fuel and power consumption, gas bypass-use and environmental performance to assist the cement manufacturer improve the cost of production at the same time as improving quality performance.

The measurement of quality is critical to the cement manufacturing process and JAMCEM can provide laboratory auditing services by an accredited auditor. This process includes assessing the sampling frequency for each process stream, whether the sample is taken in the correct place and in the correct manner, the equipment used for analysing samples and the accuracy of the laboratory equipment. 

JAMCEM also provides expert services in areas such as clinker microscopy – critical for understanding the reactions in the kiln and the influence of the raw materials and raw milling process on the final product quality – and product development of various cements such as fly ash cement, slag cement, white cement and oil well cement.