JAMCEM Consulting is an independent cement industry consultancy focused upon providing expert advice and solutions to the global cement industry, bringing together over 500 years of combined operational experience

What we do

JAMCEM consultants are cement industry experts that have operated cement plants. In addition to this, a number of the JAMCEM personnel have operated at Executive and Plant Management levels in the cement industry, and have significant experience in technical, environmental and business due diligence assessments. 

The strength of JAMCEM Consulting is simple - the company has experience in the operations, technical optimisation, strategy development, due diligence of mergers and acquisitions and financial performance of the cement business.
Whilst many consultancies focus on the technical design of cement plants, only JAMCEM offers advice relating to overall performance of the plant, its procedures and operations and the performance of the personnel. 

JAMCEM provides practical solutions that can be implemented by its Clients to improve their performance. Having run cement plants, JAMCEM cement consultants appreciate that a site will only perform to its optimum when both the equipment and the personnel are optimised.


JAMCEM provides a wide range of services addressing all aspects of cement plant operation, with a focus on profitability improvement

JAMCEMs aggregates services focus on both correct design of aggregates operations and the optimisation of the constantly changing quarrying operation

JAMCEM provides essential advice to RMX producers in a highly competitive environment where quality and product development is critical

Lagan Cement has been using the Virtual Technical Centre to supplement our own technical resources and we have found the service to be of high value to us – the replies to our queries are precise, detailed and fully correspond to our needs, with an extremely short turnaround time to answer the queries Lagan Cement, Ireland