JAMCEMs Reliability Services are aimed at all aspects of reliability improvement covering the personnel and structure used, the modern reliability tools and software available, planned repair planning and the monitoring and measurement of equipment reliability.
Poor equipment reliability is one of the greatest causes of loss of profitability for a cement manufacturer. In addition to lost volume, poor reliability leads to increased fuel consumption and power consumption, higher maintenance costs as well as increased final product variability. Poor reliability is also frequently linked to poor safety performance.

JAMCEM has designed a reliability improvement programme to assist cement manufacturers to progressively improve the reliability of the plant and therefore reduce costs and improve profitability. The first stage of the process is the Reliability Audit, which is used to assess the current performance of the plant, the tools and techniques used to monitor the equipment condition, the personnel structure that is used within the engineering function and the monitoring of reliability within the organisation. The outcome of the audit is the Reliability Improvement Action Plan, providing the customer with specific actions to improve the reliability of the plant.

Once the customer implements the Reliability Improvement Action Plan, JAMCEM provides support to the customer in areas such as Root Cause Analysis training, development of the skills of inspectors, planners and technicians and training in the methodology for developing equipment specific inspections. JAMCEM can also provide support during the development and installation of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, starting from the definition of the necessary business processes through to the design of the supporting organisation within the reliability department and the preparation of the inspection routines for the equipment.