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JAMCEM Consulting is based in the United Kingdom but is a truly global consultancy with both resources and clients located around the world. JAMCEM Consulting works both with cement producers as well as financial investors and have had extensive experience running Due Diligence assessments alongside other multi-national consultancies. On this page you will see the recommendations provided by Clients and find out more about projects that have been completed by JAMCEM resources. 
The level of technical competence is at the highest level, providing technically sound advice based on their knowledge and many years of experience in the cement industry European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, United Kingdom

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Project List

Cemcor - Virtual Technical Centre - 2023


Provision of technical support to Cemcor through the JAMCEM Virtual Technical Centre portal.

Undisclosed Client - Technical Evaluation of grinding plant offers - 2023


Technical evaluation of two offers from different equipment suppliers for the provision of a new grinding plant proposed for installation in Europe.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Master burner visit - 2023


Visit by the JAMCEM Master Burner in order to assess kiln operations performance and to assist in the optimisation of the pyro-processing line.

Cemcor - Bag filter commissioning - 2023


Technical support including site visit for the commissioning of the plant main bag filter which replaced the existing electrostatic precipitator.

Undisclosed Client - Market Study - 2023


Market study of both cement and cementitious materials supply and demand, followed by market volume and price forecasting.

Texas Lehigh Cement - Alternative Fuels Market Study - 2023


Desktop study of the local area close to the plant to identify potentially viable alternative fuels for the plant.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - RDF visit - 2023


Visit by the JAMCEM Alternative Fuels expert to assess the RDF facility at the plant to identify opportunities for operational reliability and safety improvements.

ABR Cement - Pre-feasibility study - 2023


Production of a pre-feasibility study for the development of a new building materials business using novel technologies to produce low-CO2 clinker, cement and aggregates.

Undisclosed client - Technical and Operational Due Diligence - 2023

Republic of Georgia

Technical Due Diligence of the Heidelberg Materials business in the Republic of Georgia including site visits to both integrated plants, grinding plant and terminal as well as full Due Diligence of the companies RMX business. 

Undisclosed client - Technical and Operational Due Diligence - 2023


Technical Due Diligence of the PPC Zimbabwe cement business including site visits to both grinding plants and the integrated plant. 

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Virtual Technical Centre - 2023


Continuation of the technical support to Adelaide Brighton Cement through the JAMCEM Virtual Technical Centre portal.

Undisclosed client - Technical and commercial development support - 2022


Technical and commercial development to a company developing for a new process for the production of Portland cement clinker, avoiding the use of conventional fuels and delivering a pure CO2 stream for capture.

Undisclosed client - Cement milling study - 2022


Update to the previously completed cement milling study – in this supplementary study the various potential limestone addition rates were identified with various equipment configurations including separate grinding of limestone and clinker and post-grind blending.

Breedon Cement - Crusher modifications - 2022


Technical support validating the design of the outlet to materials transport system for a new gyratory crusher at the Hope Cement plant.  

ECOS Standards - Performance Based Standards - 2022


Assessment of the current EN 197 and EN 206 standards for cement and concrete with a view to understanding how the current composition-based standards could be developed into performance-based standards for alternative binder systems with lower carbon footprints

Cemcor - Intermediate fan assessment - 2022


Assessment of the supplier offer for the replacement of the intermediate fan for a Lepol grate system including confirmation of suitability for future gas volumes with changes in fuel types.

Glencoe Cement - Raw materials assessment and plant cost model - 2022

Nova Scotia

Evaluation of a limestone deposit to produce both white and grey clinker and development of an operating cost model for a new cement plant.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Quality control audit - 2022


Remote quality control audit of one integrated cement plant, two lime plants and one Lepol grate plant with the aim of reducing process variability and costs.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Raw mill audit - 2022


Audit of the two Loesche raw mills through site visit, inspection of mills, plant measurement and reporting of recommendations.

Pollination Group - Due Diligence - 2022


Technical due diligence of a geopolymer cement producer.

Zerttew Resources - Due Diligence - 2022


Technical Due Diligence of the Lafarge Zimbabwe cement plant including site visit and attendance at Management Presentations.

Moncement - Expert Witness - 2022


Technical Due Diligence of the Lafarge Zimbabwe cement plant including site visit and attendance at Management Presentations.

Texas Lehigh Cement - Plant debottlenecking and PADS Assessment - 2022


Assessment of the plant operations to identify bottlenecks to clinker output and assessment of the plant performance using the JAMCEM PADS benchmarking tool to identify areas for improvement.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Alternative Fuels - 2022


Various projects assessing new alternative fuels systems design, visit to Austria to assess proposed equipment, recommendations for improvement of calciner fuels control system, review of the existing RDF production at supplier site and on-site handling equipment.

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Technical Support - 2022


Annual support contract for the company covering the use of the JAMCEM Virtual Technical Centre, shutdown planning support and technical support covering the performance improvement programme for two lime kilns and one Lepol grate kiln (including PADS assessment).

Adelaide Brighton Cement - Lime plant trials support - 2021


Assessment of lime kiln trials for the conversion from wet slurry feed to chip feed.

Undisclosed Client - Cement plant adaptation - 2021


Study into the adaptation of an existing cement plant to the production of a new novel cement product.

Undisclosed Client - Feasibility study - 2021


Market and technical feasibility study for a new cement plant in Ethiopia including full cost model and financial evaluation.

Undisclosed client - Updated Market Study - 2022

West Africa

Updated assessment of the cement market of Guinea for the installation of a new cement grinding plant.

Al Safwa Cement - Milling study - 2021

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Desktop study to identify potential performance improvements to the raw mills and cement mills of the plant in advance of a site audit.

Undisclosed client - Cement milling study - 2021


Study of the existing cement grinding equipment of the plant and consideration of the cost benefit of changing the cement mill separators as well as other modifications to the milling circuit compared with the installation of a new vertical milling system.

Undisclosed client - Market study - 2021

West Africa

Assessment of the Niger cement market as well as those of Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali and Benin for the potential installation of a new 1 million tpa plant. Work included assessing the market forecast for the country, scope for export, plant sizing, cement types to be produced etc. 

Zenith Strategy - Benchmarking and technical support - 2021


Technical advisors to Zenith who were contracted to deliver a cost reduction and optimisation programme for a leading Australian Cement manufacturing group; benchmarking provided by the use of JAMCEM PADS system.

Pollination Group - Due Diligence - 2021


Technical and operational due diligence of CO2 reduction technology with a view to providing advice to the Group with investment decision.

Undisclosed client - Product development services - 2021


Technical, regulatory and strategic advice to a new company developing a novel, low CO2 cement.

Undisclosed client - Expert Witness - 2021


Expert witness services for the company in an arbitration against the equipment suppliers of the plant.

Undisclosed client - Secondary Slag Material - 2021


Technical evaluation of a secondary slag from a proposed vanadium recovery plant with a view to supplying the material to the cement industry as an alternative raw material.

Credit Suisse/Allianz - New Project/Business Due Diligence - 2021


Technical and Commercial Due Diligence of a new cement plant project in Vietnam along with an operational Due Diligence of the existing cement plants within the company.

Al Safwa Cement - Plant Capacity Increase study - 2021

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Desktop study to identify how the plant could increase both clinker and cement output within the constraints of the current operation of the plant as well as identifying low-cost methods for improving productivity.

Griffin Refineries - RDF Implementation - 2021

Ras Al Khaimah

Two phased study for the implementation of RDF produced by the company on five cement plants in RAK – Phase 1 involved the desktop review of the plant, target substitution rate, impact analysis of fuel and Phase 2 involved visiting all the plants and designing an outline handling system for each plant. 

Undisclosed client - Spare Parts Market Study - 2020

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Market study for a supplier of spare parts to the cement industry to identify markets for new product types to be manufactured by the company.

Undisclosed client - Technical and operational Due Diligence - 2020


Technical Due Diligence of two cement plants in Turkey.

Prime Cement - Second line technical assessment - 2020


Technical review of the proposal for the installation of a second grinding line at a grinding plant taking into consideration product type, raw materials and cement storage and required mill capacity.

Prime Cement - Quality assessment - 2020


Study into the potential product quality for a new grinding plant and the required clinker quality to produce the cement types with the local pozzolan.

Chip Mong Insee Cement - Quality improvement support - 2020


Analysis of plant data in order to provide recommendations for the improvement of various aspects of the cement and concrete performance from the plant.

INSEE - Power audit and waste heat recovery assessment - 2020


Desktop power audit covering the process stages to clinker, identifying the gap between current and benchmark performance and then identifying the inefficient drives causing the higher-than-expected power consumption. Assessment of the waste heat recovery system and the causes of the gap between actual and target performance.

Undisclosed client - Low carbon cement production - 2020


Provision of technical support for the development of a new process to produce low CO2 emission clinker.

Undisclosed client - Project evaluation - 2020

North Africa

Desktop assessment of the feasibility study for a new cement plant in North Africa, reviewing aspects such as the raw materials selection, plant sizing, equipment choice, operating cost projection and plant profitability.

Integra Cement - Market Entry Grinding Plant - 2020

United Arab Emirates

Desktop and in-country assessment of the cement market of the UAE including consideration of cementitious demand, end users of product, pricing, products in the market and clinker supply options for a new grinding plant in the UAE.

Southern Province Cement Company - PADS Assessment - 2019

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

PADS assessment of the cement plant and report with follow-up action plan

Undisclosed Client - Fuel Strategy Assessment - 2019

South East Asia

Assessment of the fuels strategy of the company from fuel specification and selection, handling and storage, suitability of the fuels for the plant milling system and effectiveness of the fuel mix for optimum kiln performance.

Siam City Cement Company - Debottlenecking Study - 2019


Assessment of a recently commissioned 5000 tpd kiln line to identify current and future bottlenecks to the clinker and cement production of the plant.

Undisclosed Client - Grinding plant technical review - 2019


More detailed analysis and assessment of the potential grinding plant in Europe including discussions with the promotors over capital cost and opinion on potential cost savings and review of the operating model.

Pioneer Cement - New Cement Plant - 2019

Republic of Georgia

On-going monthly support to the new cement plant project including technical and commercial negotiations with the equipment suppliers and complete production of the performance guarantees and liquidated damages associated with the contract.

GWP Associates - Quarry Capex and Opex Assessment - 2019

Hong Kong

Development of the capital costs for opening of a new quarry in Hong Kong including the sizing of the required mobile plant as well as the calculation of the operating costs through the life of the quarry.

Undisclosed Client - Feasibility study - 2019


Technical feasibility study for the conversion of two preheater kilns to calciner kilns, with capital cost evaluation based on the increase in alternative fuels and changed carbon credit allocation under EU-ETS Phase IV.

Kuwait Cement Company - Alternative fuels support - 2019


6-week technical support from JAMCEM kiln operations/alternative fuels specialist during the tyre trial system commissioning and optimisation period.

Siam City Cement Company - PADS Assessment - 2019

South East Asia

PADS assessment of all the kiln lines in the SCCC company covering 5 lines in Thailand, 2 lines on Sri Lanka and one line each in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Undisclosed Client - Grinding plant techncial review - 2019


Review of the proposed technical design and capital cost of a grinding plant in Europe and assessment of the plant cost model and expected plant profitability.

Pioneer Cement Georgia - Reserves assessment and valuation - 2019

Republic of Georgia

Geological assessment of the limestone reserves held by the company and supporting rationale for the valuation of the assets.

Pioneer Cement Georgia - RFQ Preparation and Tender Evaluation - 2018

Republic of Georgia

Preparation of the Request for Tender documents for a new integrated cement plant in the Republic of Georgia and technical evaluation of the offer including technical negotiation and contract support.

Pioneer Cement - – Technical Feasibility study - 2018

republic of Georgia

Preparation of the full technical and financial feasibility study for the construction of a new 1 million tpa cement plant in the Republic of Georgia, including the development of financial model of the operation of the plant. 

Raysut Cement Company - Clinker evaluation - 2018


Technical and quality support to the company reviewing the quality of clinker sold by the company and the potential cements that could be produced.

Pioneer Cement - PADS Assessment - 2018


PADS assessment of the cement plant and report with follow-up action plan

Savannah Cement - Drawing review - 2018


Review of GA drawings for the new 1 million tonne per annum grinding plant along with review of the electrical and civil/structural specification of the plant.

Lagan Cement - By-pass dust options - 2018


Desktop research into the current uses of by-pass dust in agriculture, ground stabilisation and other potential future uses.

Undisclosed Client - Fuels Evaluation - 2018

South Africa

Technical evaluation of four different waste streams from their chemicals processing facilities in South Africa to identify which streams would be most suitable for use in the cement industry as an alternative fuel. A risk assessment matrix was developed in order to be able to rank each fuel for suitability as well as identify the key risks with each of the different fuels. The technical assessment covered all aspects of the fuel use such as process and quality effects, safety issues with the fuel, logistics and environmental impact.

Pioneer Cement Georgia - Market Study - 2018

Republic of Georgia

Market study of the cement market of the Republic of Georgia, covering historic and forecast volumes, major project analysis, imports and exports, competitor analysis and potential for new capacity in the country.

Lagan Cement - Process Engineer Training - 2018


A two-part training course for the plant Process Engineer. The first part entailed class-room style cement technology training with a focus on the process engineer’s role and the principles of plant testing. The second part was more hands on, with three days of plant measurement and process evaluation with a focus on alternative fuels optimisation and by-pass operation.

Undisclosed Client - Vietnam - 2018


Preparation of a sell-side technical due diligence of a cement business comprising an integrated cement plant and a grinding plant, with the intention of using the due diligence report as part of the Information Memorandum for the sale of the plant.

Uawithya Machinery Company - Mining Optimisation - 2018


Visit to Thailand to support the company in the development of the optimum mining strategy for a Client company. Preparation of presentation materials focusing on the objectives of quarrying and the future plans of a Client company to ensure that mineral assets use is fully optimised and that the correct quarrying equipment is used for the lowest cost of production.

Yanbu Cement Company - Quarry Audit - 2018

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Site audit of the two operating quarries at Yanbu Cement Company covering the efficiency of the operations, maintenance strategy of both mobile plant and crushing equipment, manpower utilisation, long-term operational strategy and mining methods.

Breedon Cement Limited - Vertical raw mill feasibility - 2018

United Kingdom

Assessment of the potential to replace the existing two ball mills with one single vertical roller mill to supply the two kiln lines. The study covered the technical feasibility including the location of the mill, operation of mill with existing bag filter, capital cost estimation and evaluation of the savings to present the financial case to the Client.

Green Island Cement Holdings - Environmental Improvement Study - 2018

Hong Kong

Study to identify the potential for the reduction of emissions of particulates, NOx and SO2 from a 4 stage precalciner plant. The assessment included a site visit to undertake the necessary plant measurements and to understand the plant performance. The outcome of the study focused on both the optimisation of the existing equipment and any potential capital investment in new equipment.

Yanbu Cement Company - Spare Parts Policy Development - 2017

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Assessment of the current treatment of spare parts from both the Engineering and Financial perspective in order to develop a Spare Parts Policy for the company which will comply to IFRS standards.

United Cement Industries Company - Headcount Assessment - 2017

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Headcount assessment of the plant and head office operations of the company after 18 months of operation. Particular focus on the Engineering and Production functions and the practices and procedures in place at the new plant. Support provided on the long term planning to meet targets for the long term Saudisation of the workforce.

Lean Automation - SAP implementation technical support - 2017

Middle East

Site visit by a reliability expert to assess the plant resources responsible for developing the plant reliability strategy and preparing the information required for input into the SAP maintenance module. Advice provided in relation to the maintenance structure, the development of the assets list, development of the stores codification and inspection routines.

Undisclosed Client - Fuel Evaluation - 2017


Technical and market evaluation of a new fuel for the cement industry. The technical assessment covered the suitability of the fuel of the cement industry including process, quality and environmental impact. The method of environmental authorisation in various locations was explained. From a market assessment, the most attractive geographical market was assessed and identified.

Undisclosed client - Limestone Market Assessment - 2017

South East Asia

Assessment of the feasibility of the Client to increase exports of limestone into the South-East Asia market. The study involved describing the cement and limestone dynamics of selected countries in the region, with the aim of defining a number of target countries/customers for the product of the Client.

EBRD/Arabian Cement Company - Energy Audit - 2017


Energy audit of the Arabian Cement Company in Egypt with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant including assessment of the use of alternative fuels and the operation of the hot disc, of of the by-pass on both lines and potential for the increase in the use of solid fuels.

Undisclosed Client - Grinding plant feasibility study - 2017

Middle East

Assessment of the feasibility of a new grinding plant in a Middle East country covering the supply and demand of the GCC countries with a specific focus on the outlook for the target country. Review of the potential technical choices and the estimation of the capital cost for various capacity plants, Production of a full operating financial model and calculation of IRR and NPV for the different capacities with variance analysis on key inputs.

United Building Company - Due Diligence - 2017


Due Diligence of the Insha'a Holding operations covering a readymix concrete batching plant, two sand plants, a block production plant and a construction chemicals site. The deal was completed in mid-March 2017

Yanbu Cement Company - Clinker cooler conversion - 2017

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Technical assessment of the options for the conversion of the cooler on a grey clinker line, including capital cost evaluation.

AH Industries - Cement industry Overview - 2016


Presentation to a cement industry equipment supplier on the current outlook in the cement industry for new plant installations.

Undisclosed Client - Grinding plant feasibility study - 2016


First Phase of a feasibility study into the potential to establish a cement grinding plant in the Mediterranean area covering current market, cement types, imports, technological choices, capital cost estimation, review of the potential site and selection matrix for the best capacity/capital cost/operating cost. Financial model provided to Client.

Savannah Cement - Tender evaluation - 2016


Tender evaluation of technical offers for a new 1.2 million tonne per annum grinding plant to be built by Savannah Cements at their site at Athi River in Kenya.

Blackstone - Raw materials Due Diligence - 2016


Due diligence of the limestone raw materials reserves related to the five production sites of a European lime producer. The study covered the assessment of the raw materials reserves, the permitting and ownership status and potential environmental spend.

Moncement - Cement quality and cement mill optimisation - 2016


Audit of the Moncement plant in Mongolia focusing on both the laboratory practices and procedures and the cement milling operations of the plant. As the plant has recently been commissioned, the plant was seeking to improve product quality and optimise the costs of production as well as improve the throughput of the milling system. Lab trials with different mixes of feed materials were completed as well as a full cement mill audit with recommendations.

Arabian Cement Company Egypt - Alternative Fuels Training - 2016


A two day bespoke training course for the Alternative Fuels department of Arabian Cement Company of Egypt. The course was held in the UK and included a visit to the Hope Cement plant. Areas covered on the course were Characterisation of AFs, Handling and Storage, Selection of addition rate, Combustion of AFs, Process Impact, Quality Impact, Environmental Impact and Health and Safety Aspects.

Undisclosed Client - Pyro-processing audit - 2016

Middle East

Full pyro-processing audit and training course for 16 engineers from three sites relating to Plant Process Measurements, Mass and Heat balance and Plant Optimisation. The audit focused on throughput maximisation through in-leak reduction, optimisation of kiln and calciner combustion, cooler optimisation and recommendations for TA duct modification.

Undisclosed Client - Due Diligence - 2016

Western Europe

Due Diligence assessment of the raw materials supply situation both for the present and future requirements of a cement plant in Western Europe that was part of a M and A situation. Particular focus on the CAPEX required for the opening of 2 new quarries and the potential methods of disposal of the over-burden.

APICORP - Market Study Due Diligence - 2016

Middle East

Update of a the previous market study taking into consideration changes in the market as well as the impact of increased fuel and power costs in KSA. Technical Due Diligence of the uprating plans of the target plant

Yanbu Cement Company - Operational Review - 2016

Saudi Arabia

Review of the operations at both the Head Office in Jeddah and the Yanbu production site with a view to restructuring the plant organisation to bring a much more "production focused" as opposed to "maintenance focused" operation. Manning levels across the business were reviewed with recommendations for optimisation.  

APICORP - Market study due diligence - 2015

Middle East

Due Diligence of a market study report that has been prepared for APICORP, relating to a potential investment in a Middle East cement producer. Specific areas included the review of market demand and the threat of imports, the cost estimation of the producer under current and uprated production scenario, cost estimate of importers, likely market scenario and assessment of uprating plans.

Undisclosed Client - Pre-feasibility study - 2015

Saudi Arabia

Pre-feasiblity study for the establishment of a manufacturing plant producing a cement industry related product. Investigation included the competitor analysis, prediction of operating and capital cost, identification of raw materials and SWOT analysis of the proposed project.

Eastern Province Cement Company - Process and Quality Audit - 2015

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Full process audit of the cement plant covering raw milling, pyro-processing and cement milling as well as quality audit resulting in an action plan for the plant to meet the future targets for fuel and power consumption proposed by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre.

Undisclosed Client - PADS assessment - 2015

Middle East

PADS assessment of two further cement plants and report with follow-up action plans

CPPIB/Blackstone/Cinven - Due Diligence - 2014


Technical Due Diligence of the assets for disposal due to the merger of Lafarge and Holcim covering the cement assets in the UK, France, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Canada, Brazil and the Philippines along with the Aggregates and RMX businesses in the UK, France and Canada (Letter of Reference available on request)

Italcementi - Cement mill gearbox evaluation - 2014


Assessment of the options available to the company for the replacement of a vertical cement mill gearbox

Undisclosed Client - PADS assessment - 2014

Middle East

PADS assessment of the cement plant and report with follow-up action plan

Stedmen Denny/Dangote Cement - Business risk assessment - 2014


Business risk assessment completed with Stedman Denny, considering all aspects of operational risk including reliability and throughput, environmental and safety risk with the aim of implementing a risk reduction/mitigation plan

EBRD/MAK - Project review - 2014

Outer Mongolia

Review of the construction status of a new cement plant and report identifying the outstanding work required and proposed timescale for completion

Hope Construction Materials - Plant Capacity Review - 2014

United Kingdom

Assessment of the current process limitations of the plant and the potential to increase the output of the plant along with a review of the kiln back end/riser configuration of the two kiln lines

ERBD/Goltas Cement - Energy Audit - 2014


Energy audit of the Goltas Cement plant plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant. Assessment of the proposed new vertical cement mill for cement grinding and the waste heat recovery project.

EBRD - Process review - 2014


Review of the process design, energy efficiency and environmental protection options of a new brownfield cement plant in Kazakhstan on behalf of the Lender

Eastern Province Cement Company - Maintenance Improvement Programme - 2014

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On-going support and development of Maintenance Improvement project focusing on Inspections and spare parts inventory reduction

EBRD/MAK - Plant assessment - 2013

Outer Mongolia

Review of the current status of construction of the cement plant and development of the business and operating plan of the plant

Hope Construction Materials - Waste Heat Recovery - 2013

United Kingdom

Assessment of the potential different options for the installation of a waste heat recovery system for preheater and cooler

EBRD/Misr Cement - Energy Audit - 2013


Energy audit of the MISR Cement plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant with a focus on fuel switching, implementation of an alternative fuels programme covering biomass and Secondary Derived Fuel and the potential for a Waste Heat Recovery system

Yanbu Cement Company - Maintenance audit - 2013

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Maintenance audit of the company covering maintenance practices, use of modern maintenance tools and equipment, department structure, root cause analysis and maintenance KPIs

Sephaku Cement - Raw materials investigation - 2013

South Africa

Assessment of limestone deposit quality and feasibility of mining limestone for a greenfield cement plant 

Eastern Province Cement Company - Maintenance Audit - 2013

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Maintenance audit of the company covering maintenance practices, use of modern maintenance tools and equipment, department structure, root cause analysis and maintenance KPIs

Lagan Cement - Energy audit - 2012


Energy audit of the Lagan Cement plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant with a focus on alternative fuels usage and kiln stability

Undisclosed Client - Due Diligence - 2012

United Kingdom

Commercial and Techncial Due Diligence of the cement, aggregates and ready-mix operations under disposal due to the merger of Lafarge and Tarmac

Cementos Argos - Energy strategy - 2012


Energy audit of the Lagan Cement plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant with a focus on the optimisation of the alternative fuels programme usage and kiln stability

Saudi Aramco - Energy efficiency workshop - 2012

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Presentation of energy reduction opportunities and results of the energy assessment to the cement producers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramaco - Cement sector energy assessment - 2012

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Assessed the energy efficiency of all of the cement producers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via desktop study and provided commentary to the leaders of the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Programme 

EBRD/Mardin Cement - Energy Audit - 2011


Energy audit of the Oyak Cement Mardin plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant with a focus on fuel consumption reduction 

Yanbu Cement Company - Cement mill motor assessment - 2011

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Desktop study of the causes of the early failure of cement mill motor

EBRD/Titan Cement - Energy Audit - 2011


Energy audit of the Titan Bulgaria plant with the aim of identifying productivity improvements and energy saving measures for the plant including assessment for the use of Secondary Derived Fuel considering the process and quality impact, maximum addition rate without gas by-pass and capital cost of the fuel installation.