Meet the JAMCEM Team

JAMCEM Consulting brings together some of the most experienced consultants in their respective industries, from all of the different disciplines related to the manufacture of cement, aggregates and ready mix concrete.  JAMCEM consultants have global experience, leading to a rapid understanding of your business and technical challenges. JAMCEM consultants have an average of over 30 years experience, with a number of the team having more than 40 years in industry.

JAMCEM Consultants work seamlessly with your personnel, fitting in with your culture and adapting recommendations to suit the local environment. When solving technical problems, JAMCEM personnel focus on delivering implementable solutions whilst minimising capital spend and maximising profitability. JAMCEM Consulting is committed to building a long term relationship with your business, focusing on sustained performance improvement and operational excellence.

Below you can find out who is on the JAMCEM team as well as read their career summary

Mark Mutter

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Chemical Engineer
Languages: English/French
Mark is a graduate in Chemical Process Design and has over 20 years of cement manufacturing experience. His career started at Blue Circle Industries at the Technical Centre level, working on new plant design, due diligence studies and plant optimisation projects in countries such as the U.K., U.S.A., Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa. He subsequently moved into production and plant management roles within the UK and France, improving both plant output and profitability. Mark has been in cement industry consulting since 2005, initially as Technical Marketing Director before setting up JAMCEM Consulting in 2011. Whilst building the business, Mark has taken a leading role in energy efficiency audits in Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ireland and Egypt, Due Diligence studies for assets in the UK as well as the global cement industry's largest company merger and provided Energy Strategy advice in Saudi Arabia and Colombia. Mark is a skilled communicator and is highly adaptable to working in different cultures and situations.

Lawrie Evans

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Chemical Engineer
Languages: English/French/Italian/Spanish
Lawrie is a highly experienced cement industry professional with over 40 years of industrial experience at Blue Circle Industries, Lafarge and Italcementi. During this time, he has worked in many diverse cultural environments in a range of Executive, Managerial and Technical roles.He has demonstrated the skills needed to improve profitability by a combination of technical improvement, management change and productivity enhancement. Strengths include being a self-starter with the ability to take a fresh approach based on a very strong technical base allied to an excellent appreciation of the financial framework. Lawrie is highly focused on performance improvement but has also been heavily involved in the investments made within the cement industry through both greenfield site development as well as acquisitions and has been involved in over 20 Due Diligence assessments.

Frederick De Raedt

Specialist in: AFRs for Cement
Discipline: Electro-Mechanical Engineer
Languages: English/French/Dutch
Frederick has over 20 years of international experience, with a measurable track record in the machinery, cementitious materials, energy intensive and alternative energy industries. He gained leadership roles in strategic business development, project management and operations. Prior to starting a consultancy in 2010, he specialized in all aspects related to the beneficial use of recoverable resources, while having worked for over 12 years for Holcim. During the last 7 years of this time, he was a member of the executive management board of Geocycle, the waste-to-energy arm of Holcim. He was in charge of the co-development of the global vision and strategy, which included M&A and due diligences. His functional responsibility covered the applications and methods, investment strategy, operational cost optimization, development and implementation of process technologies. He has lived in Spain, the Middle-East, Mexico and the USA.

Carmelo Diadone

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Chemical Engineer
Languages: English/Italian/French/Spanish
Carmelo has over 40 years experience in the cement industry working in many international location for Holcim. Starting with a production role in Belgium, Carmelo moved to the Philippines as Production Manager and Haiti as Technical Director prior to returning to Belgium as Maintenance Manager. He spent 14 years in Spain as Plant manger at two different locations prior to once again returning to Belgium as Technical Director of Holcim Belgium. His specialities include the upgrading of cement plants, installation and optimisation of waste fuel systems to high substitution rates, plant organisation, plant optimisation and Due Diligence assessment.

Volker Konradi

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Mechnical Engineer
Languages: English/German
Volker has been in the cement and lime industry for over 25 years. Initially in production at Dyckerhoff Cement, he soon moved to the Technical Centre where he provided technical and mechanical assistance to the plants of the group. Following this he worked for the Holcim Support Group in various roles such as plant assessment and optimisation, Due Diligence, design of brownfield and greenfield plants, internal training and electrical energy reduction. Volker has been an independent consultant since 2010 and has focused in areas such as raw mill and cement mill assessment and optimisation, lime plant optimisation, mechanical assessment of plants and waste fuels feasibility.

Steve Lock

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Mechanical Engineer
Languages: English
Having worked at numerous locations both within the UK and overseas for Blue Circle Industries, Steve has the ability to communicate and demonstrate practically with people of varying skill levels and cultural backgrounds.  The focus of his mechanical skills is primarily based on heavy continuous process equipment. His experience base has been developed in roles starting as an apprentice and rising to senior management roles. In recent years his main challenge has been the rollout of a National Reliability Strategy aimed at increasing plant run times through analysing failures and implementing fixes, as well as restructuring departments and improving skill levels to permit this to happen whilst achieving cost reductions.

Arthur Harrisson

Specialist in: Cement/Readymix
Discipline: Geologist/Chemist
Languages: English
Arthur is a technical expert in cement and concrete with an international reputation.  His particular expertise involves chemical and physical evaluation of raw materials and their processing for optimum efficiency and environmental benefit for clinker and cement production. He is the author of reports commissioned by the Department of the Environment on aggregate resources in the UK, both natural and recycled and has been involved in innovation in process improvement, in commissioning of three kiln lines and in project management of major projects involving research and development and practical implementation.  He has been actively involved in the drive for acceptance of and practical implementation of the use of waste fuels since 1979. 

Gianpaolo Grella

Specialist in: Cement/Aggregates
Discipline: Mining Engineer
Languages: English/Italian/French
Gianpaolo is a Mining Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in exploration, mining activities, mineral processing and civil works with a particular focus on process optimization and cost reduction. During his professional career he has held several positions of responsibility, both in production units as Planning Supervisor and in Corporate as the Director of Mining for the Italcementi Group. His specialties include geological exploration, drilling & perforation, mining and earthmoving, heavy mobile fleet management, management of excavation sites, project management, mineral processing, safety and environmental issues and technical auditing. He has an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing process of industrial mineral & raw materials (for cement and lime), aggregates and ready-mix. He is able to work in international context and multicultural teams, with good communication and relationship skills.

Nick Eastwood

Specialist in: Cement/Aggregates
Discipline: Mining Engineer
Languages: English
Nick Eastwood is a Graduate from the Camborne School of Mines, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of The Institution of Materials, Metallurgy and Mining as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying. Nick has worked in the mining sector for over 40 years and over 20 years within the cement and building materials industry. Prior to becoming an Independent Consultant, Nick had a broad range of experiences, including Board Directorship, Operational Management, International Mining Recruitment and Mentoring and equally enjoys working with the hands on technicians and operators.  Nick has a vast experience within different sectors of the industry including cement plants, both underground and surface mining, quarrying, mineral and aggregate processing plus leading due diligence assignments and assessing new acquisitions. He has carried out optimisation audits and best practice transfer to operations worldwide.

Guido Camata

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Civil/Structural Engineering
Languages: English/Italian
Guido is a Structural Engineering Professor at the University of Chieti-Pescara and at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. He has over 20 years of experience in research and the implementation of civil engineering projects covering a wide range of sectors: public and private buildings, infrastructure, civil and structural engineering and risk assessment.

Nick Lilley

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Electrical Engineer
Languages: English/Basic Arabic
Nick is a Graduate Electrical & Electronic Engineer and Chartered Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers with more than 39 years within a heavy process industry environment. His career to date has been “heavy industrial” and has covered both electrical projects and complete cement plant multi-disciplinary projects and Power Plant projects. He is also highly experienced in feasibility studies, basic design, contract compilation, contract negotiation, site management. Since 2006 his main focus has been power plant studies and projects - including captive power generation for the cement industry. More than half of his career has been spent in overseas roles or for overseas projects. This has provided many challenges both technical and from a cultural context. His previous positions have provided a rich experience in both project and site management.

Emile Mabro

Specialist in: Aggregates/Readymix
Discipline: Chemical Engineer
Languages: English/French/Spanish/Arabic
Emile is a specialist in the readymix and aggregates sector in which he has been involved for over 20 years. His experience spans Ready Mix operations in South Africa, optimisation and M and A activities in the aggregates sector in France and Belgium, business development in Lebanon and Canada (both for Holcim) as well as various other executive roles in the construction materials sectors. Emile understand both the technical and operational aspects of these two businesses as well as the commercial and financial impacts of the operations on overall business performance and is skilled in Strategy, Turnaround and Due Diligence assessments of businesses.

Mischa Stankovic

Specialist in: Cement/Concrete
Discipline: Mineralurgy
Languages: English, Serbo-Croatian, German, Italian
Mischa has many years of international and multicultural experience in developing market-oriented cements and cementitious products. He focuses on “quick win” improvements and sustainable production in the plants and the markets. His knowledge of raw materials and the cement manufacturing process along with his expertise in laboratory analysis and quality control allows him to assist customers on how to improve final product performance to meet the customers’ requirements. He has had a long career in product development and has the personal qualities to facilitate coaching of and knowledge transfer to both plant personnel and marketing teams to empower them to give professional advice to customers and create customer satisfaction.

Mike Knight

Specialist in: Readymix
Discipline: Concrete Technology
Languages: English
Mike has over forty five years experience in UK readymix. He has worked for both regional companies and many of the UK multinational operators. His first industry role was a technical one responsible for sourcing input materials and product quality for both concrete and mortar. He soon developed an interest in frontline sales and held both sales and sales management positions in a variety of UK regions. From sales he progressed into commercial management and then into general management. For the last twenty five years he held a number of senior manager positions and has been responsible for total business governance. He has been successful running businesses safely, profitably and legally. He has experience in processing sand and gravel and quarry restoration with inert infill.

Chris Blasdale

Specialist in: Building materials
Discipline: Strategy/M and A
Languages: English
Chris is a Senior industry executive within the construction materials sector with proven track record in global cement expansion within emerging markets. Successes include project development and implementation of growth opportunities via M&A, greenfield, partnering, organic expansion and trading. His geographic experience extends to throughout many Sub Saharan Africa countries, the Middle East, the Indian sub-Continent and SE Asia, with a strong and current network. He is a proven proactive, results-oriented and collaborative leader with experience delivering high-exposure projects across disciplines in a variety of cultures. He has very strong commercial, marketing, sales, developmental and strategic awareness and experience. Chris’ specialist areas cover Corporate and Business Development, Partnerships/Investment Joint Ventures, Expansion Strategies and Market Entry with Global Cement Perspectives and Expertise, Emerging Markets Knowledge and Contacts and Integration Awareness of Aggregates and Concrete.

Stephane Agostini

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Finance and Organization Specialist
Languages: English/French/Spanish
Stephane is a graduate from Bordeaux Business School with a specialization in finance. He has a 35 years’ experience, 25 of them in cement business, mainly within the Lafarge Group. Stephane has occupied both functional and operational positions such as Plant Controller, Plant HR manager, Information System Project Manager, country CFO and Strategy Director in France, Singapore and various Sub-Saharan African countries. Stephane has a strong experience in financial processes optimization, ERP implementation, product costing and spreading a common financial culture within businesses.

Javier Castellanos

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Refractory
Languages: English/French/Spanish
Javier graduated as an Industrial Engineer specialized in Automation from the University of Zaragoza (Spain). He joined Lafarge Cement Spain in 1995 and after an initial stage within the Central Process Team at the Technical Centre, he worked for 13 years at Villaluenga Plant (Spain) in a number of roles such as Process/Automation Engineer, Production Engineer and Production Manager. In 2009, he moved to Madrid Head Office as National Sourcing Manager and also joined the Lafarge Group World-Wide Refractories Sourcing Team at Central Group Purchasing. In 2012, he moved to Lafarge Cement UK as Production Manager in Scotland. Since 2015 he has worked as a Cement Plant Consultant specializing in all aspects of refractories such as materials selection, refractory design, full project management including installation as well as troubleshooting and failure analysis.

Kevin McAdam

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Kiln Operations
Languages: English
Kevin is a pyro-processing operations specialist with thirty-five years’ experience in the cement industry. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the cement manufacturing process with practical experience in all areas of operation, in particular kiln burning and control room operation. He is also experienced in carrying out alternative fuels trials, operator training and development and new plant commissioning and optimisation. Alternative Fuels include whole tyres, tyre chips, sewage pellets (PSP), Meat and Bone Meal (MBM), Substitute Liquid Fuel (SLF) and petroleum coke. He has strong problem-solving skills and good interpersonal skills and is capable of communicating at all levels - from field operators to company directors and plant owners. His experience as a kiln operator adds significant credibility with the operators that he trains and coaches, which is essential to modifying kiln operator practices.

Franky Neirynck

Specialist in: Cement
Discipline: Electrical and Process Control
Languages: English, French and Dutch
Franky is a highly experienced Electrical and Process Control Engineer who has experienced across the cement and limestone industries as well as other heavy manufacturing sectors. His experience spans 30 years and he has worked in countries such as Belgium, Tanzania, Benin, China and the USA. Within the cement sector, he has worked on the installation and commissioning of a number of cement mills installation and commissioning assignments for Heidelberg Cement (Benin and Tanzania), Orcem (Holland) and CBR (Belgium). He has work with western and Chinese equipment suppliers.