JAMCEMs Alternative Fuels Services builds the bridge between a large variety of waste materials and their beneficial re-use, by assisting the cement and lime industry either accelerate the creation of an alternative fuel and raw material program or optimize and grow existing ones. 

In most countries around the world, alternative fuel and raw material programmes are now considered an intricate part of normal operations. However, many companies still struggle with achieving high substitution rates and low fuel costs.

JAMCEM assists Clients with the complete development of such a program, from the planning phase all the way through its implementation. This includes feasibility assessments, phased-in strategy and business development, stakeholder analysis, waste market studies, environmental and safety impact studies, financial planning, combustion know-how, QA/QC programs. For new programs, JAMCEM performs pre- and co-processing technology assessment and selection and engineering and installation. JAMCEM also perform audits with a view to debugging and optimizing existing installations.

As an example of the Service, the combustion assessment is based around the analysis of the fuel, impacts upon the process, emissions from the plant and final product quality after introduction. Such a study will determine the target substitution rate, potential injection points into the process as well as any requirements for additional equipment such as a gas by-pass to reach higher levels of substitution. JAMCEM recommendations are always based on the realities and opportunities of the waste market

Finally, JAMCEM provides the design and engineering of the materials handling and dosing system to the pyro-processing line and assesses the various options proposed by the equipment suppliers.