PADS has been developed to provide cement producers with a cost effective technical and operational evaluation of their plant operations and the Key Performance Indicators that drive plant profitabilityPADS is the only plant assessment tool available to cement producers which evaluates the technical performance of the plant compared to technical standards, which have been developed by the experts from JAMCEM Consulting over many years of operation in the cement industry. These technical standards are the building blocks of best practice performance, delivering high technical performance and maximising profits for the cement manufacturers.

PADS is unique - other assessment systems simply compare the performance of a data-set of plants and rank the performance of those plants, without taking into account factors such as location, raw materials, energy costs and environmental regulations, which are all considered in PADS.  The assessment identifies performance gaps in the key technical areas, explains the causes of under-performance and suggests actions to improve future performance.

How does it work?

PADS is an assessment which is based upon the analysis of the plant data, which is supplied to PADS through a web-based input system. The system can be used as an annual assessment tool or as part of a Plant Audit. Click on any of the gallery images below to see example input pages from PADS.
Once the data is entered into the system, PADS has three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Primary Analysis of the data to identify the performance gap in Key Performance Indicators such as fuel consumption, power consumption, output and product quality.

Phase 2: Secondary Analysis of the process data supplied to PADS - evaluation of the operation parameters compared to operational targets to identify the causes of under-performance and the opportunities for process improvement.

Phase 3: Diagnostic of plant performance with summary report to Client identifying areas of potential plant performance improvement.

Click on any of the gallery images below to see selected pages from an example PADS report

How do you benefit?

PADS offers cement plant operators an annual independent technical review of their operations, with the following unique features

          • A plant-specific diagnostic report providing both management and technical staff direction in the performance improvement initiatives.
          • A comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators by which future performance can be measured and monitored.
          • PADS provides a cost effective start to the Plant audit, ensuring that all necessary information is collected before the site visit starts and that the initial evaluation has been completed.
          • An assessment that allows the cement producer to understand their plant - not simply a comparison with anonymous cement plants within a survey.