JAMCEMs Optimisation Services are aimed at making the aggregates production operation - be it hard rock, sand and gravel or marine aggregates - operate at the lowest possible cost per tonne whilst maximising throughput and minimising waste. 

Aggregates quarries are continually changing operations with changes in material properties as the deposit is mined, quarry faces moving further away from the crusher and in many cases mining deeper below the surface level of the mine increasing haulage costs. This means that the original design of the quarry, fixed equipment and mobile fleet becomes less appropriate as the quarry is mined. JAMCEM Optimisation services cover all aspects of the quarry operations, from reviewing productivity, bottleneck identification, equipment suitability to raw materials and capacity utilisation, mobile equipment suitability to quarry and plant and equipment availability. 

As with all of JAMCEMs Services, operating cost reduction and the minimisation of capital spend is a key focus. JAMCEM Optimisation resources will review the operating costs of an aggregates site and compare to the expected costs for the type of material mined prior to studying the various operational issues such as the quarry layout and design, maintenance practices, work schedules and inventory control. In addition, the optimisation of production to sales ratio is also evaluated in order to find solutions to minimise waste and to operate on a mine a ton/sell a ton basis. 

JAMCEM can also assist with the Human Capital, providing training and mentoring for management and engineers as well as reviewing the personnel structure used to operate the site and providing assessment of options for outsourcing certain elements of the quarrying operations, providing management with the advantages and disadvantages of such actions so a final decision can be made.