JAMCEMs Raw Materials Services cover all raw materials for the production of clinker as well as cement and are relevant to the design of a new cement plant, the use of alternative materials in the raw mix or the introduction of a new cement type within an existing market.

The testing of raw materials as part of a new cement plant is a critical area. If not correctly completed, it can lead to a plant that does not meet its performance guarantees, that is difficult to operate and has a much higher than expected operating cost. JAMCEM advises its clients on the full suite of raw materials tests that should be completed in designing a plant including those relating to the handling properties of the different materials – an area that’s is often overlooked in plant design and which can result in increased equipment stoppages and expensive re-design of transport systems.

From the available and proposed raw materials and fuel at the plant, JAMCEM will provide the Client with the proposed raw mix which defines the proportions of each material that is required, taking into consideration the final quality of the cement that is required in the local market. JAMCEM also reviews the raw mix for Clients when there is an opportunity to use alternative materials and when new alternative fuels are proposed – identifying the impact upon the process as well as the final product quality. JAMCEM will also review any potential environmental impact from the usage of each raw material, including stack emissions and any need for inclusion of a bypass to ensure reliable kiln operation

JAMCEM also assesses the suitability of available cementitious materials for the use in the final product taking into account the local cement standards and identifying the optimal addition level to the clinker and gypsum to achieve the required concrete strengths.