JAMCEM is the leading consultancy for cement industry Due Diligence, whether working on the buy-side or sell-side of the transaction. Whilst many consultancies have experience in designing and building cement plants, JAMCEMs experts have operational experience of cement plants and of managing cement businesses. 

When working on the buy-side, this experience allows the experts to rapidly assess the historic performance of the assets, the causes of historic under-performance, major issues which could be a reason to re-evaluate the target and also any potential for future improvement. The proposed forward-looking business plans of the Seller are reviewed during the process, with a particular focus on the technical key performance indicators which feed through to the operating costs and potential profitability of the assets. In addition, future capital requirements can be estimated across a range of different operating and market scenario. JAMCEM understands a Due Diligence is not a technical audit but an assessment of the assets to validate the claims of the Sellers as well as identify future opportunities for the buyers. 

Being located in the South East on England close to London and Paris, JAMCEM is ideally located close to European financial markets and is in the most convenient time zone to work with global Clients in both Eastern and Western hemispheres. JAMCEM has a strong track record of working with other global consultancies, M and A advisors and financial institutions during Due Diligence studies. 

Whilst the JAMCEM Senior Experts have completed numerous Due Diligence studies during their careers, they have more recently been involved in Due Diligence of all of the assets proposed for disposal during the Lafarge Holcim merger for a major Private Equity Consortium and also the sale of the assets now known as Hope Construction Materials for a cement manufacturer.