JAMCEM provides optimisation services across the whole cement manufacturing process and across the full range of cement industry disciplines, from quarry through to final product optimisation and even performance of the product in concrete.

Whether as a full blown plant audit or troubleshooting a specific issue in the plant, JAMCEM has the resources and skills to address your specific challenges. JAMCEM uses its unique system called PADS (Performance Analysis and Diagnostics System) in the initial assessment phase to gain an insight into overall the performance of the plant and to determine the areas of specific focus for a detailed plant based study. Whilst JAMCEM focuses on the improvement of the technical key performance indicators, it is always with the plant profitability in mind. JAMCEM has a firm belief in fixing the equipment that is in place through sound scientific and engineering principles as opposed to spending capital to solve the issues.

Longer term, JAMCEM provides advice on how plant performance should be measured and improved through the proper use of process control systems, plant information management systems as well as tools such as root cause analysis and slow-down logs for production improvement. JAMCEM also believes that the key to sustainable performance improvement is to reinforce changes with efficient and effective training of operators and engineers and has the expertise and materials to deliver this training.